About Us

Besides lipstick & thigh high boots, there’s another beauty that a millennial woman should look forward to: financial freedom. Whether you want to achieve that through a career or your own business, you’ve clicked on the right e-magazine site. Beauty & Bank is a digital magazine aimed towards millennial women with a passion for both beauty, fashion and business. We’re 100% dedicated to reaching billions of women across the world wide web to spark that fiery passion even further with hot topics of makeup and fashion trends, the best skin care regimes out there, achieving your dream home with decor and organization guides, pieces on careers and education and most of all – how to start a dream business that gives you the financial freedom and stability that you are striving for.

As we are excited to become the millennial business women’s digest, the 100% daily hard work and dedication that is put into this digital magazine is comes purely from the heart and soul. As this magazine will be a dream come true, we hope that it lead to many women making their dreams come true, whether it is achieving beautiful and clear skin or starting the fashion brand you’ve always wanted. Beauty & Bank is for women, by women!