Yikes: Snooki’s Business Receives Bad Reviews After Jersey Shore Fight with Angelina

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How time’s have truly changed. Season 2 of Jersey Shore aired almost ten years ago back in July 2010, and at the time the series was (and still is to this day) the most popular and iconic reality TV show to air. Snooki became a household name by being the carefree, party-girl that we never knew we needed to be friends with until then. Jersey Shore has had a lot of insane blow-ups, especially JWOWW’s brawl with Sammi Sweetheart, but on episode 10 of season 2 we got to see another physical altercation, but between Snooki and Angelina, which ended up in Angelina leaving the original Jersey Shore for the second time and for good with a bang. This left Angelina being seen as the antagonist for the rest of the series. The first (and actually physical) fight between Snooki & Angelina was bound to happen and way overdue, due to the fact that in the first episode of season 2, the girls expressed how Angelina was trash-talking them and their boyfriends in the media. Just ask JWoww’s friend Jay 420.

As season 6 aired and the original series was coming to a close with a memorable last Summer that the roomies spent in their 20s at the shore, we all began to see a significant change in Nicole Snooki Polizzi, who was pregnant at the time with her eldest son Lorenzo. After the series, and even during Jersey Shore’s days, Snooki was on her business woman grind. From tanning lotion to clog slippers, Snooki sure did know how to trademark her iconic reality TV status. Even today as a mother of three, Polizzi has taken her business to higher levels by opening an official store: The Snooki Shop. The shop is – as you guessed it – filled with animal print, chic jewelry, and makeup bags that say “Tequila made me do it”.

Even more of a boss move: Snooki is running a clothing store and a wine-filled podcast on the side with her “squirrel-friend” and makeup artist Joey Camasta, all while filming episodes of Jersey Shore’s revival spin-off, Jersey Shore Family Vacation. We all get to tune in on Jerzdays once again and see the cast party hard, spiral even harder, but also deal with real family drama all at once. Drama that includes a TMZ meltdown by Polizzi that broke news back in August. The video shows Snooki storming away from the shore house hysterically, making it loud and clear at the time about how she’s leaving the roommates, wanting to be left alone & how she would rather be with her kids, all leaving us confused as hell, up until the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation aired.

If you haven’t been tuning into Jersey Shore Family Vacation, then spoiler alert: you haven’t been following Jenni JWoww Farley’s drama with Angelina Pivarnick, who was seen in the episode prior to the latest, getting a bit touchy with Jenni’s boyfriend Zack, aka 24, while Jenni was blacked out next to them. If you didn’t think this situation could get any more messy, JWoww accused Angelina of kissing Zack, all while Angelina has a whole fiance that she’s set to marry in November. JWoww and Angelina had a heated exchanged during Sunday dinner with the roommates, and wine bottles and punches were almost thrown at each other. This led to Snooki having JWoww’s back, and Angelina wasn’t having it, calling the pair of besties “Mean girls” and sharing some private texts between her and Nicole about the situation, which resulted in Nicole calling Angelina fake and storming out of the house, giving us all answers to how the TMZ meltdown back in August came about. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by Snooki & JWoww.

Although some good Mean Girls memes were made out of this, seemingly angry fans targeted Snooki and JWoww on social media, declaring that they were team Angelina through this whole drama. Who knew after almost ten years the tables would turn and Snooki & JWoww would be seen as the mean girls? I am now almost certain that we have all entered an alternate universe. Unfortunately for Jersey Shore star Snooki, the haters seem to have been taking this Angelina drama a little too far. Polizzi and her fanpages have been sharing on Instagram about how people are actually leaving negative reviews on her store.

Leaving an honest review about your actual experience with a business that may have not been so great is one thing, but leaving it because of  reality TV drama is just tasteless. Before you go leaving hate comments and bad reviews because your “#TeamAngelinerrr!”, you might want to realize the hard work and planning that someone puts into an online store, let alone a physical store. Snooki has both, and whether you like her or not, or you didn’t agree with her reaction to the JWoww & Angelina drama, knocking down a business, her business is not the way to go. Can we all agree that Jersey Shore was and is still the most iconic and entertaining reality TV series out there and just sit back, relax and enjoy the show without trying to ruin someone’s business?