The Daily Routine of a Digital Magazine Editor with a Part-Time Retail Job

When I used to write essays in high school, the passion for writing became to real, but I never thought I would finally take the leap and launch my own digital magazine start-up. My first attempt would turn out to be one big miserable failure. “Burgers and Beauty”, I called it. It makes me cringe thinking about it. Burgers and Beauty Magazine? Had I gone insane for thinking this could be a thing? I wanted to write about the two things that I enjoyed the most at the time: Food and Makeup. My silly college freshman-self thought that would look outstanding in bold letters on a printed cover. I mean, the idea originally started with a simple blog, but the thought of me thinking that some of my all-time favorite editors and bloggers would ever give a magazine with that name the time of day, yikes!

Failure after failure, day by day, I eventually stuck with something that I felt proud of. Beauty & Bank. The two things that I am passionate about and I know millions of millennial women around the world care about the most. The beauty world of makeup, hair & skin care is a massive, billion-dollar industry that is growing more everyday. It’s a monster! A monster that I happen to be in love with dearly. Then you have the bank: achieving financial security and/or wealth. Whichever one you want, it takes determination. The determination to better your knowledge in finances such as saving money, credit, banking the right way, knowing your spending limits or even investing in the right things that can make you money in the long run.

Person Having Tea While Working

So I took the big leap of launching my own digital magazine for millennial women. I am thankful everyday for the self-determination, long hours, hard work and courage, but I have yet to take the biggest leap: quitting my day job. I currently work in retail part-time, emphasis on the part-time, which I am so thankful for. The days where I don’t work is 100% dedicated to writing, editing & publishing articles, designing and editing my website, sending and answering emails, social media posts and more. Most of all, there are no in-between breaks (except for the bathroom of course). My meals & snacks are planned out and eaten while I work and any phone calls I receive can be answered while I’m writing or editing. And trust me, I have experience in working and answering phones at the same time in retail. Working for a business and having my own business really goes hand-in-hand!

The day that I can finally quit my retail job will be a celebrated one. My ultimate goal is to run my own digital magazine FULL-TIME. Follow this editor/retail worker’s daily routine as I try to be as productive as I can without spilling coffee on myself. Woohoo!

6:30 am – I’m awake! I use the restroom and gather myself, go into the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal, grab a bottle of water and get going with the emails. I used to head straight for my phone first thing in the morning, but it’s a habit I learned to break, so I leave it on the charger. I also skim through websites like Refinery29, Buzzfeed or Bustle for interesting articles!

7:00 am – Bathroom essentials. I brush my teeth, moisturize my body, do my hair & get dressed. I like to shower at night, because it just keeps my mornings running much smoother and I can get more done.

8:00 am – More emails and I edit and put some finishing touches to any articles I have written. I always like to publish at 9:00 am. I feel like all (or most) of the world is awake at that time.

9:00 am – After I publish my first article, I’m off to social media to promote! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest are my main sites and apps to focus on. I open Photoshop to create a pin for Pinterest or a cool graphic to throw on Instagram. Writing and designing can go hand-in-hand, so I’m really glad to be skilled in both.

10:00 am – I schedule more articles and social media posts to be published later on, then it’s time to wrap up whatever I’m working on and head to my day job. I pack my lunch, a snack and plenty of water in my bag then hit the road!

11:00 am – The reality of a retail job begins. I’m usually organizing a sorting clothing that the closing shift left for me. Yay! Followed by 5-6 hours of checking customers in and out of the fitting room, answering phones, organizing shelves near my area & trying to stay hydrated – all while on my feet.

5:00 pm – Fast forward to when I’m back at home with my feet soaking in my foot bath filled with essential oils and Epsom salt. My laptop is on my lap, I’m eating dinner while checking my website and social media stats. I also begin writing more content for the rest of the evening.

8:00 pm – I wrap up my very last task of the day and then I head for the shower. After my shower I like to plan out what I’m wearing the next day, which also saves time in the morning!

9:00 pm – Bed time! A day that goes from instantly managing a digital magazine, then running around at a retail job, the coming back home to manage the magazine some more can really knock a girl out!