Become Office Job Ready with These Fashionable yet Professional Style Pieces

A Little Short Story From Our Editor:

My very first job was an office job. I worked for a mid-sized trucking company in my hometown that had an annual revenue of almost $1 million. I loved that job so much. Not only because it was in my hometown and I didn’t have to travel far at all, but because the work was fairly easy, on account of the skill set I had for it. It was mostly computer work, which I loved, but I also spent my hours faxing important docs to clients and organizing employee files. I was also in charge of payroll slips, which was pretty cool.

Though I was successful at the work I did, I almost jeopardized it all. Since I was so comfortable in the office, I dressed a little too comfortable and casual. One day I was wearing a white blouse with gold and pink lettering. It flowed ever so lovely a little below my thighs, almost like a dress. I was wearing stripped slacks underneath and a pair of flats, so I figured it was appropriate enough. My manager casually let me know that it was not appropriate at all, and that I should dress more professionally in such an environment. I was embarrassed of course, but I appreciate the fact that she didn’t yell out my name on the intercom to report to her office. I learned the true meaning of professionalism that day.

– C.L.

So you want a office job, or you’ve gone so far to already have the job. Either way, I wanna do more than wish you luck on a 9-5 career that’s full of filing, faxing, making copies, water cooler convos, sending emails & walking into a room filled with the smell of fresh coffee everyday. Or at least Mondays thru Fridays. Whether you’re going for a big corporate building or a small neighborhood business, you need to become fashionably prepared for the occasion. When working at an office job, your image needs to fit the professional aesthetic of the company. Graphic tees and jeans are obviously a big no-no when it comes to working at a desk.

Think… power suit. Something that makes you look sexy yet sophisticated and successful. Or maybe a blazer, button-up collared blouse and pencil skirt is more your style. Or how about a solid-colored blouse with slacks for warmer days. Don’t forget about your footwear. Avoid neon colors, flashy prints and other distracting clothing. When it comes to dressing professionally, you’re usually going to have to wear something that you wouldn’t wear at home or during a night out with friends. Dress for the job that you want.

Dressing professionally for an office job absolutely does not have to be crazy expensive either. You can find many great deals online on blazers, pencil skirts, heels, stockings, blouses & more. Here are some that I found!

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