What’s Wrong with Your Love Life According to Your Zodiac Sign

Okay Astrology stans, we’re finally coming aboard. It’s time for your friends from Vauntist to reach out to your personally, no matter what sign you are. For the month of February and amid the Valentine’s Day mania, we’re digging into your love life. If your love life happens to be an empty and hollow hole of let-downs, we’re gonna sit down with you for a second and tell you what you need to hear but maybe wouldn’t want to hear, because unfortunately, the truth sucks. It sucks more than a thousand mosquitoes swarming around in the Summertime. Your love life needs answers.

WARNING: The following astrology readings may make you feel dragged for filth. Please read your Zodiac love life advice with caution, as we are only looking out for you. We want you to find that someone who you’ll be head over heels for!


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Hi Aries! Let me cut to the chase because I know you guys tend to be pretty impatient, and you just like people to just let things out right then and there. That’s pretty much the problem. Whenever you guys are dealing with that special someone, you need to have more patience with them and don’t let that opinionated mouth of yours ruin your chances at a sweet love life. When communicating with your partner, use some of your positive qualities strongly, such as your loving spirit and kindness.

Taurus: (April 21 – May 20)

So Taurus, you guys can have a big ego. Yes, I went there. Your ego can really get in the way of your ability to show your loyalty, because trust me, you guys can be loyal. Quit with the bull (see what I did there) and show your partner or crush how much you really care! You guys can also be pretty conservative and timid at times, it’s time to open up! What if that special someone wants to take you salsa dancing or to karaoke night?

Gemini: (May 21 – June 21)

Gemini, Gemini, Gemini… You’re very social, so why are you having a hard time meeting the love of your life? You guys can show your intelligence at times, but sometimes you can take it too far with your narcissistic and biased tendencies. Do you always have to be right? When in a relationship, it’s healthy to just agree to disagree with your partner without making them feel less than smart.

Cancer: (June 22 – July 22)

Hey Cancer, I know how sensitive you guys can be. I mean… really sensitive. Don’t get me wrong, you’re very sweet and loving, and that’s what your partner or crush is attracted to the most. But you have to stop taking any little thing your special someone says to the heart. You know you’re allowed to joke in a relationship right?! Also, you need to always feel protected and coddled is ruining your relationship. Do you want a partner or a security guard?

Leo: (July 23 – August 23)

Leo, while I applaud your ability to be a natural born leader, it isn’t working with your love life. A relationship is about teamwork and equality. Stop always trying to be above them. Your demanding and authoritative nature is scaring people away! It’s time to bring out your generous and warm side more. Do something nice for the person you love and communicate to them how much you love them.

Virgo: (August 24 – September 22)

Excuse me Virgo, but I can’t help but acknowledge your intelligence and logic. You seem to know what you want and you know better than to think with your head and not with your heart. There’s a problem though, and it’s the fact that you’re a perfectionist. You’re going to study & evaluate everyone you meet, until you realize that perfect someone that you made up in your head doesn’t exist. No one is perfect. You need to lower your standards or your love life will be non-existent for a very long time.

Libra: (September 23 – October 22)

Listen Libra, you need to really make up your mind. Your indecisiveness and figuring out what you want is what’s keeping your from finding that true love. You tend to make what isn’t good enough for you, good enough for you because you hate being alone. Instead of craving constant partnership, take some time to get to know yourself and figure out your type of person. Then, when you’re ready, show that special someone how kind, understanding & compassionate you can be.

Scorpio: (October 23 – November 22)

Now Scorpio, you on the other hand can be very decisive. You’ve already swiped right and got your dream match all picked out. Only problem is, your intense and rebellious personality may turn them away. Try to find your chill and invite your crush or partner on a relaxing picnic in the park or a day at the pier. Go from making your special someone feel uneasy to making them feel like they can be themselves around you.

Sagittarius: (November 23 – December 21)

Hello Sag, your positivity and enthusiasm could make someone head over heels for you, but you could ruin all of that every time you run away when your relationship is on the rocks. Learn how to face the issues that you and your partner is experiencing and communicate. We get that you like to be optimistic, but life isn’t all rainbows and sprinkles. Face the drama and work it out.

Capricorn: (December 22 – January 20)

It’s time to tear that wall down Capricorn. Stop being so defensive when your partner comes to you with what’s bothering them. Here them out. Use your patience quality. Also, follow your partner’s lead when they’re opening up to you. It’s time for YOU to come out of that stubborn shell. Your trust issues aren’t valid with this relationship as they may have been with the last, so you have no reason to be treating your partner this way.

Aquarius: (January 21 – February 19)

Greetings, Aquarius. Do you ever wonder if your love for independence could also be a pride issue? Remember, a relationship is a team. If you need assistance with something, why not consult with the person you love? I promise that it does not make you any less independent. Also, it’s okay that you yourself don’t follow conventional lifestyles, but don’t put your partner down for doing so. Not everyone is on your level of unpredictability.

Pisces: (February 20 – March 20)

Pisces, what makes you so great is that you’re a total catch with your friendliness and selflessness. You can be both a lover and a best friend to your partner. But please keep in mind that if someone is showing strong emotions towards you, it isn’t a bad thing. Don’t be so overwhelmed by the deep love someone feels towards you. Like I said, you’re a catch!


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