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Creating a Healthy Adult Lunchable for Work or School

Basically, Lunchables were the original meal prep, but for kids. There were so many varieties, sometimes it was difficult to make up my mind in the grocery store isles...

Just gonna take a quick walk down memory lane, why not come join me? Quick warning though, nostalgic attack may come about.

If you didn’t grow up eating Lunchables, you have my total sympathy. Lunchables were everything to me as a child, and I’m sure everyone who had a chance to eat them can agree. I used to love when my parents brought home a fresh batch of groceries because I knew for sure that I would look forward to a Lunchable or two (or four). I grew up in the 2000s, so we still had the hot dog and hamburger lunchables that came with the cola inside. Then you had the nacho one that came with the salsa and cheese combo on the side. Most lunchables I got also came with a Capri Sun, which hit the spot after you’ve devoured the food. They also had the taco lunchables and even came at us with the dessert lunchables.

Basically, Lunchables were the original meal prep, but for kids. There were so many varieties, sometimes it was difficult to make up my mind in the grocery store isles. So it would just be my 7-year-old self being indecisive (and coincidentally a Libra) while my mom waits, probably contemplating her decision to bring me in the first place. But my favorite Lunchable of all (and probably the most popular) is the pizza. All I have to say is I owe my childhood snack times to Oscar Mayer. Thanks Guys!

Coming back from that memory lane walk, as I enter my twenties, I am an adult who makes their own doctors appointments. Who pays bills and has to budget. Y’know, really exciting grownup stuff. Most of the Lunchables I had as a kid faded away, and the same ole mini pizzas just aren’t doing the trick anymore. I’m a growing lady for crying out loud. Still a kid at heart, doing get me wrong, but I’ve already graduated from the classic kiddie Lunchables. Sure I’ll buy one every blue moon just for the nostalgic kicks, but I recently came across a fantastic topic in the adulting/Pinterest community. Two words: Adult Lunchables.

Adult Lunchables are the less-processed and a way better option for adults who want healthy and fresh foods packed into their diet. Not only are adult Lunchables good for you, but they can be very fun and affordable to make.

The Guide To Creating an Adult Lunchable

Image result for adult lunchablessource: Hungry Hobby

Using an example from the source above, as you can see, making an adult Lunchable is so simple and inexpensive. Here are some tips & ideas on creating your very own adult Lunchable.

  • You’ll need some sort of Tupperware container with 4-5 different compartments to add your food in.
  • Fruits and vegetables are KEY. Always make sure you include both fruits and vegetables as your sides. A great idea is fruit kabobs, which is just any fruits such as apples, grapes, peaches, strawberries, bananas or any other fruit that you desire placed on a stick.
  • Try carrot or celery sticks with peanut butter, hummus or honey mustard.
  • Try a lean deli meats instead of processed meats that contain high amounts of sodium.
  • Add some granola or nuts for some extra protein in your diet.

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