20 Career Options That Are Perfect for Any Type Introvert

I see that you’re an introvert. I’m glad you found your way to this digital job fair that I have prepared for you. The introvert personality is quite common than you think. Studies show that introverts make up 50% of the world’s population. That means half of the world defines themselves as shy and reticent, contrast to an extrovert, who is outgoing and outspoken. Introverts often find it very hard to find employment that they are comfortable with. The intense fear of the idea that they must be social overpowers the ability to find or even hold down a job. But keep in mind that there are indeed jobs out there that cater to the introverted personality type, so don’t lose hope. Although, here’s the thing that you must realize before you carry on to the job search. There are actually four types of introverts, and you should figure out which one you identify as to make finding the right career for you much easier.

Social Introverts

A social introvert is someone who is actually able to socialize, just not with many people. A few in their crowd is just fine. Social introverts are not necessarily shy, but they prefer to be alone a majority of the time.

Thinking Introverts

Thinking introverts are anyone who can handle social events just fine, similarly to social introverts. They’re described as “thoughtful” and “introspective”, often known to self-reflect and use their imagination.

Anxious Introverts

Someone who is painfully shy and socially awkward. They prefer to be alone 100% of the time, and often worry about past or present events.

Inhibited Introverts

If you like to think a lot before speaking or taking action, then you’re probably an inhibited introvert. You also most likely will take longer to go forward with things.

If any of those types of introverts made you go “Hey! That’s me!” then yay! You have successfully identified what type of introvert you truly are. Therefore, you can easily choose from the various types of careers that fit your introvert type. Below are a list of careers with codes depending on that type of introvert you identify as. (Example: If there’s an SI code next to it, that means it’s for Social Introverts.)

Keep in mind that you may be required to earn a high school diploma, secondary school degree or any other certification for any of these careers.

Woman Holding Pen Beside Laptop

Computer Programmer – TI

If you’re into computers and would even go as far to call yourself a tech-wizard, then you should definitely consider this as a career. A computer programmer’s job is to create the coding for software applications and operating systems. Computer programmers can make from $38 – $50 an hour, which means you could make over $100,000 annually.

Technical Writer – AI

A technical writer is someone who writes and distributes articles or information pieces such as instruction manuals, employee handbooks, training manuals and more. For example, you would be someone who writes the information in an instruction manual on how to put together an exercise bike. Technical writers are usually paid between $30 to $45 an hour, and over $70,000 as their annual salary.

Baker – SI

Now here’s a career that would smell so sweet. If you picture yourself in the business of baking bread and delicious pastries, then you should definitely look into becoming a professional baker. A baker doesn’t require any secondary educational degree or credential, but it does takes a lot of practice and training. A baker’s salary can fall between $11-12 an hour, and $24,170 annually.

Animal Trainer – SI

Animal trainer is someone who seeks to help customers get their animal to obey by commands and effective practices. If you’re comfortable around animals, check this career out asap. Depending on you experience, you can make $12 – $150 an hour as an animal trainer.

Statistician – AI

A statistician gathers the numeral data in order to help a company figure out the average numbers that they have, want or need. Your salary would be $80,000/yr and you are required to have a Master’s degree for an entry-level statistician job.

Personal Financial Advisor – II

If you’re interested in assisting and guiding individuals through their financial needs, then you can become a personal financial advisor. Basically someone is putting the trust of their financial disasters or successes in your hands. With responsibility as such, a financial advisor can make $43/hr and $90,000 annually.

Graphic Designer – TI

Are you a creative individual who is also business-savvy, or interested in becoming so? A Graphic Designer’s task is to communicate or solve a problem visually. The billboards, brochures, logos & other building signs that you see everyday were most likely designed by a Graphic Designer. Graphic Designers are able to create vibrant and effective designs using computer design software. Hourly, a graphic designer can make $22.55, while seeing $46,900 annually.

Proofreader – AI

Someone with perfect English grammar skills could be a good fit for a proofreading job. If you think about it, a proofreader is crucial to any type of writing and literature that plans to be published. If you’re up for the job, the average proofreader can make $50,570 a year.

Career or Education Counselor – II

Someone who guides students with their educational or career goals. You are helping them weight out their options on what they want to accomplish through college or their desired career. If this interests you, the hourly pay is $25/hr and makes $53,660 annually.

Database Administrator – SI

A database admin uses software to gather and organize the necessary data. A database admin’s tasks includes (but is not limited to) performance monitoring, installation, data recovery and more. You basically have the key to all of the data that a company needs. A database administrator makes $81,710/yr.

Video Game Artist – TI

Have a passion for video games and want to be the creator of the next Fortnite? Take interest in becoming a video game artist. Video game artist takes the ideas for a video game makes them come alive. As the video game industry rises, so can the salary as you can make $88,000 and up to $140,000/yr.

Accountant – AI 

Someone who processes and examines the financial information for individuals, businesses and corporations. An accountant is someone who makes sure all financial history is accurate with their clients. An accountant usually sees up to $67,200 a year.

Environmental Engineer – TI

Ever wondered what you can do to make Earth a cleaner place? Environmental engineers use soil, biology, chemistry and engineering to come up with solutions for environmental problems. Environmental engineers usually make up to $84,000/yr.

Fashion Designer – TI

Someone who pictures themselves designing clothing, creating seasonal trends, and seeing their clothes worn my models and celebrities should definitely take a leap into the fashion industry as a designer. The sewing machine will be your best friend with this career. I highly suggest checking out books written by famous designers if you want to know more about the industry. The starting salary for a fashion designer is $32,500 but can definitely blossom into a million dollar career if you play your cards right!

Medical Lab Technician or Technologist – AI

While Medical Lab Technicians and Technologists share the same tasks of performing tests and procedures in health care facilities, the Technologist acts as a Technicians supervisor. The annual wage for both can be up to $51,770.

Private Chef – SI

If you have a desire to cook for one client at a time, hired for black-tie events or become a private chef for someone famous, look into becoming a private chef. The starting salary for a private chef is $69,480 but can skyrocket into a six-figure or even seven-figure career depending on the cost of your services and the kind of clients you have.

Electronic Engineering Technician – SI

EETs help engineers design computers, communication equipment, monitoring devices for medical purposes, navigation systems & more. An EET can make up to $63,000/yr.

Mental Health Counselor – II

Mental Health counselor’s a trained and educated professionals who help clients cope with mental illnesses and the life issues that trigger those illnesses. If you’re someone who’s a strong advocate for mental health awareness, this is the career for you. As a mental health counselor, you can earn up to $43,190 a year.

Wildlife Biologist – II

Another career for animal lovers! Wildlife biologists study animals habitats and how they interact with one another. A wildlife biologist can earn up to $59,680 a year.

Management Analyst – II

If you decide to choose the route of being a management analyst, your duty would be to study and evaluate organization methods, measurement studies, basically decide what methods would be better for a business.