These Are the Most Creative Eyeshadow Palettes You’ll Ever Buy

If you’re a lover of makeup and creative things, then boy are you in for quite a few treats with this post. Stop spending your money on another dull eyeshadow palette with pigmentation that just isn’t up to your standards. In the past five years or so, we’ve seen makeup flourish to creative heights. Eyeshadow palettes just don’t have to come in a small square or rectangle with a classic applicator from your drugstore. There are eyeshadows out there where brands have gone so far to creatively give you the eyeshadow pigmentation that you DESERVE.

From Too Faced to The Crayon Case, we’ve seen brands dish out candy-inspired, music-inspired, television-inspired and more eyeshadow palettes that left us wanting and willing to pay whatever price for such iconic palettes. It’s time to give our eyelids some creative beauty as we share some of the most creative eyeshadow palettes that we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

Too Faced’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar

Ever dreamed of using an eyeshadow palette that reminded you of a chocolate bar? Luckily if you’re reading this, you are lucky to exist in the same time period as Too Faced’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette. This eyeshadow palette comes in 16 matte and shimmery shades that have some delicious names: Licorice, Nougat, Truffled, Hot Fudge, Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar, Puddin’, Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, Frosting, Rum Raisin, Mousse, Caramel, Bon Bon, Butter Pecan and Coconut Creme. For chocolate addicts, it’s to die for.

Nickelodeon Cartoon Characters Eyeshadow Collection

Nickelodeon Character Eyeshadow Collection

Now here’s a eyeshadow palette that you can feel nostalgic over. If you’ve spent your childhood watching Nickelodeon in the 90s or early 2000s, than you understand how epic this eyeshadow palette is. Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Catdog & Rocko’s Modern Life are the classic Nicktoons that are the stars of this palette, along with some funky matte and shimmery shades that are named after the famous quotes of our favorite characters.

The Crayon Case Box of Crayons Eyeshadow Palette

The Crayon Case Box Of Crayons Eyeshadow Palette

Another eyeshadow palette to be nostalgic over! This palette will bring you back to Kindergarten days when your only worries were collecting all of you crayons at the end of the day. The Crayon Case’s Box of Crayons is only one product to gush over out of the brand’s many creative school-inspired collection. The palette consists of 18 shimmery or matte shades that are sure to help you accomplish a bold, vibrant and beautiful look.

M.A.C. x Jeremy Scott’s Lo-Fi Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Jeremy Scott Collection Eye Shadow Palette 29 colors Lo-Fi, – Limited Edition

Because this limited-edition palette that’s shaped like a boom-box is just too cool, hip and creative to miss out on. For music lovers who like to jam out while doing their makeup, wouldn’t this be absolutely perfect? The 29 saturated and soft hues are just what you have been looking for when creative an edgy eyeshadow look.

Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Palette

Storybook Cosmetics x Mean Girls Burn Book Storybook Palette

Take. All. Of. My. Money. As Mean Girls was and still is one of the most iconic movies of the 2000s and the 21st century overall, this eyeshadow palette may be one of the most iconic palettes of makeup history. Regina George’s impact is just too strong on this one. I’ve heard of some very creative palettes from Storybook Cosmetics, but this one has to take the cake. 12 beautiful shades with memorable quotes such as “So Fetch” and “Is Butter A Carb?” as their names. This palette is to glorious to pass up on.

theBalm’s Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette

theBalm Nude ‘Beach Eyeshadow Palette

Whoa there baby. theBalm came at us with this naughty Summertime eyeshadow palette with some nude friends on the inside having some fun in the sun. Beach volleyball never looked so hot in 12 nude shades.

BH Cosmetics Supernova Baked Eyeshadow Palette

BH Cosmetics Baked Eyeshadow Palette, Supernova

This eyeshadow palette is almost as glorious and outstanding as our actual galaxy itself. 18 baked eyeshadows that will give you that “intergalatic chic” that you never knew you needed until now. These explosive and highly pigmented colors can give your looks the definition that is deserves.

Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Kitty is an animated icon who will always be loved and cherished by the world. Now we get to celebrate through makeup, as the Hello Kitty Pop-Up Party palette is the cutest thing you’ll ever lay your eyes on. As if Hello Kitty lovers and collectors didn’t have enough merch to tie them over, now they get 24 cute shades to give them an eyeshadow look that’s worth a selfie or two.

Lime Crime’s Venus Eyeshadow Palette

Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette (Venus the Grunge)

A mixture between the classic painting by Mash Botticelli and a rebellious grunge girl from the 90s is the iconic face of this Lime Crime palette. 8 rusty red and neutral shades to bring out the inner goddess in you and your looks.

Too Faced Life’s A Festival Eyeshadow Palette

Life039;s A Festival Eye Shadow Palette Palette

For you festival heads heading to Coachella and Lollapalooza this year, why wouldn’t you take advantage of an eyeshadow palette creative specifically for you? You can adore this this palette for two major reasons: it’s shaped as a FREAKIN RAINBOW, and the shades are shimmery and perfect for any festival or concert that you’ll find yourself at.