Apparently Bathing in Hot Water & Skin Care Do Not Mix

I understand the struggle of reading that disappointing title ladies and gents. Taking a steaming hot shower after work, school or the gym feels like heaven on Earth. It’s sort of like you’re burning the stress of a weekday off of you and becoming born again every time. I have took showers that was so steaming hot that my bathroom looks as if it’s on fire and filled with smoke. If the water doesn’t feel like it’s 400 degrees and you’re stepping into a fiery pit, then it’s not for me. Especially during the Wintertime when it’s freezing outside. Lukewarm water just isn’t allowed.

Although after doing some research about the effects that a hot shower could have on the skin, I might have to re-think and reconsider having a relationship with lukewarm or cold water. Hot showers may feel like a luxury to many, but to those of you who enjoy bathing in the steaming hot water, you may wanna listen up and beware of the consequences that it may have on your skin. Especially if you’re a skin care enthusiast like myself.

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Yes, it’s not secret that hot water really dries out your skin. Bathing in hot water strips your skin of it’s moisture, and can even cause a burning or itching sensation later on. A dermatologist named Cynthia Bailey explained very to Huffington Post clearly of why bathing in hot water may not have your skin looking or feeling too hot.

“Hot water is bad for two reasons,” says Cynthia Bailey, M.D., a dermatologist in Northern California and founder of “First, it removes too much of your natural oils (much like it works better than cold water for cleaning greasy pots and pans). Second, hot water brings blood circulation to your skin which is why your skin turns red like a lobster. With the circulation comes inflammatory building blocks to create more itch and even a rash.” Dr. Bailey advises that water temperature should be tepid, meaning skin temperature or just a little warmer—especially if you have fragile skin that’s prone to dryness.”

Some experts have even argued that COLD water is much better for you. Yes, cold water. The kind of water that when you first step into it, it will cause you to scream and shriek in agony. The kind of water that feels like you’re standing nude in the middle of a blizzard in Antarctica, and someone is throwing ice cubes at you by the handfuls. Bathing in cold water is not something that is favored my the majority, but you might want to get a load of why experts feel that cold water is the best temperature for bathing in and using during your skin care routine.

Cold waters can calm your skin when its feeling itchy and irritated, which is fantastic for when you’re feeling those negative effects of using hot water. Cold water has often been compared to drinking a strong cup of coffee, as it has the power to wake you up in the morning. As rough as it may be to force yourself into a cold shower, I would definitely try it. Increasing circulation throughout your body and easing any muscle soreness from the gym are also some positive outcomes to bathing in cold water. For my fellow beauty enthusiasts, cold water will also give your hair and skin a beautiful glow.

The reason why we choose hot water over cold or even lukewarm, is because of the positive feelings that we experience with using hot water. Hot showers can help relax your muscles and even help clear up a stuffy nose when you’re sick. Positive feelings unfortunately come with negative effects. So the next time you’re getting ready to hop in the shower, you might wanna re-think those hot, relaxing yet-drying showers and go for a cold shower that will benefit your body inside and out. If you’re sticking to the hot showers, you might wanna heavily moisturize.

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