What the Heck Is a ‘Skin Care Fridge’ and Could It Be a New Beauty Essential?

A mini fridge for your face creams and quartz rollers. Tiny, cure and can be placed right on your bedside table for extra convenience. Skin care addicts, get a load of this product that seems almost too perfect to pass up. The focus is not only on the fridge itself, but the opportunity to up the benefits of your skin care products. Our cooled down babies just might be helping our skin in various ways after all. After discovering the benefits and the star of the hour (the skin care fridge), you just might wanna say goodbye to room temperature skin care products for good.

The craze and demand for skin care fridges first emerged mid-2017, with many writers investigating whether skin care products should even be refrigerated in the first place. In September 2018, newbeauty.com got to the bottom of what our dermatologist friends had to say about it:

“New York dermatologist Dhaval Bhanusali, MD says to go ahead and put your eye creams on ice: “Eye creams are great when refrigerated—cooling helps vasoconstrict the area—so it helps lessens bags.” Morristown, NJ dermatologist Avnee Shah, MD and West Orange, NJ dermatologist Rachael Hartman, MD both agree that the biggest benefit of refrigerating your skin care is the cooling aspect. “If you tend to be dry and itchy, refrigerating your moisturizer prior to application can have a soothing effect,” says Dr. Shah. “It also makes anti-inflammatory creams more effective,” adds Dr. Hartman.”

You’ve heard it from the experts, operation-skin-care-cool-down-using-a-cure-mini-fridge is officially a go! Time to store your moisturizers, eye creams, toners & serums in a much cooler spot, and I mean that in both ways. Now what fridge fits you aesthetic? Are you a pastel type or daring for black? Most mini fridges

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