How Drinking an Ice Cold Coke Can Possibly Relieve a Headache

coca cola headache remedy

I remember during my elementary school years how a typical day went. Wake up, go to school, come home, watch some PBS kids with snacks, then comes the nap. It was a routine. Napping after school was just necessary to me. A hard day of reading Charlotte’s Web and making some colorful art project for our parents to see on the next parent night was worth the snooze.

My naps usually lasted 3-4 hours and mom didn’t like me taking naps because it often meant all-nighters. Oh well. Though at times all naps aren’t good naps, especially the ones where you wake up with a pounding headache. The agony of not being able to get out of bed because your head is killing you and wanting to just fall back to sleep until it is gone. It feels as if someone is jack hammering in that head of yours.

These migraine-headaches-after-naps turned out to not be an unpleasant childhood memory since it followed me into teenage-then-adulthood. I do not get them often at all but when I do, they suck big time. Maybe once every ten naps. But I wish I could take one of those naps where you wake up feeling refreshed and like an entirely new person every time and all the time. As a kid, mom would usually give me a dose of children’s Tylenol and I’ll be straight about 20 minutes later. As an adult, sometimes when I wake up a migraine headache, I rarely take anything for it anymore. No, it’s not because I’m anti-medicine and really into natural remedies. It’s really due to the fact that it usually went away after I’m belching and relaxed after a meal.

I came to the conclusion that food is the answer to all problems (no, seriously) – until I had an enlightening talk with an aunt of mine. Throughout the numerous topics that we sat and conversed about, what absorbed me the most and caused a lightbulb to pop-up above my head was when she briefed me about the horrible headaches that she has on a regular basis.

I guess you can call her a natural soul, because she doesn’t like to use over-the-counter medication to often, but even she’s admitted that her love of herbs couldn’t stop her from popping some Tylenol when the pain was too much. But Tylenol doesn’t even compare to the remedy she told me about, that sounded kind of strange at first, but it all clicked when she explained it. Two-words: Coca cola – ice cold to be exact.


Who knew America’s famous fizzy cola could have some sort of involvement in headache remedies. We’re all warned to stay away from caffeinated drinks period, and I assume that rule is maximized 10x if you’re in pain. Like the experimental science videos that you’ve probably scrolled across on Facebook that shows how Coke is strong enough to melt a radiator, who’s to say it isn’t strong enough to knock out or add some sort of relief to a headache with one giant burp?

That’s exactly how my aunt relieves her awful headaches most of the time. Drink an ice cold coke (or any soda in this case) and soon enough you will begin to burp like your life depended on it. Burping can actually relieve any pressure or discomfort that’s in your body, including your head apparently.

It all makes since of why I found relief for my headaches through a hearty meal, which I always drank with a cold soda. Although, this form of headache relief is merely a remedy, and we all know remedies often aren’t beneficial to everyone. I know the next time I’m faced with an excruciating migraine, this method will be on the top of my remedy list. Why not try relieving your pressure through a strong burp, caused by an ice cold & crisp Coke?

No this is not an ad or sponsored post for Coca cola or a confirmed medical cure of any sort. (See site disclaimer)