Makeup Brand Names Darkest Foundation Shade “Bootylicious”

Just when you thought things in the beauty community couldn’t get any more hectic. Beauty vloggers being outed as racists, with past tweets of them saying the N-word unapologetically. Just having the N-word plastered all on their pages as if they needed to say that word to survive. Between n-word-pocalypse & beauty brands just not giving a damn what they release and whether it caters to all skin tones, I don’t know what the hell has gotten into this community.

Things seemed to be simmering down after several PR-infused “apologies” and several idiotic excuses whether they are from brands or people. With the beauty community, you just never know what is going to come out of the woodwork. Now I can honestly say that there’s a makeup brand that has gone too far.

I recently came across a tweet that pointed out a makeup brand called ‘Thin Lizzy’ having some foundation shades with the most blatantly offensive names. This brand really thought that these names somehow correlated with the skin tone it matched to, and that’s why people are pissed off.

I just want to know why. WHY? Why on this very green Earth was the name ‘Bootylicious’ given to the darkest shade. Who agreed on this? All I imagine is a bunch of clearly not-so-smart people seated around a desk for a meeting, and thinking that they just created the best shade names possible for their foundations. I just want to know what was going through their heads. Imagine thinking black women aren’t worth anything more than their body parts.

But wait- there’s more of this ignorant mess! The name ‘Oriental Doll’ was given to one of their fair skin shades, with an Asian woman as the model. If you’re not willingly oblivious and blind to offensive racial terms, then you know that “Oriental” is one among them that is ignorantly used to describe Asian people. But OF COURSE, the shade name ‘Duchess’ is given to the fairest skin. Who wouldn’t have guessed that?

Someone from the brand HAD to have seen the tweet above, because since then the shade “Oriental Doll” was changed to “Angel”, with “Bootylicious” remaining the same.


Imagine going to wherever this mess is sold at and having to ask if they’ve got anymore “Bootylicious” in stock. The name itself is awkward, unnecessary, and blatantly ignorant to stick on the darkest shade in the bunch. The fact that this shade is the darkest shade that this brand offers is an atrocity to begin with. Throw the whole makeup brand AWAY.