How to Successfully Work from Home and Beat Procrastination

Woman lying and typing on laptopWorking from home has become one of the most popular and sought after career routes to take, thanks to the ever growing power of social media and the internet as a whole. Not having to go by a structured 9 to 5 work period and salary leaves you to be as flexible with your days as you want. Working remotely has often been plagued with the negative ideas from people who work outside jobs, often calling it “lazy” and “not a real form of work”. This same annoying and consistent questions will be asked, such as “how do you get paid?” or “can you really make a living like this?”

Such pessimistic attitudes towards people of are looking to work from home have caused them to reconsider. It’s such an awful feeling being judged for building a career from the ground up at home. Those who think it’s impossible are probably convincing themselves that they’re being “realistic” when in fact that are dead wrong. Working from home is more legit than ever because the opportunities of careers based online don’t just stop at freelance writing or blogging. There are tons of options for working online out there. Etsy store owners, graphic designers, web designers, coders, video editors, social media marketers, and so many more options that personally pertain to you and your skills. So stop listening to the pessimists, and work from home already!

So before you began working from home, there’s a more important step you need to understand before you get the bragging rights of wearing your PJ’s all day. The success of your work from home career is ultimately based on your work ethic. First you need to decided what is is you’re going to do, how you are going to monetize that, and then figure how much work comes with that particular career. As much as I’m sorry to say this and as much as this might hurt to hear, you’re going to have to be willing to wake up earlier than you normally would and work longer than you probably expected.

Your future income and whether you make a strong enough living to have a home-based job depends on this. Being at home is usually where you obviously feel most comfortable (hopefully), so it is fairly easy to slack-off, get distracted by the video your favorite YouTube channel just uploaded, and overall procrastinate. Procrastination is such an ugly, evil demon. Here’s steady work from home routine & tips that could put that troll to rest before it possess our creative minds.

(I highly suggest you create a to-do list the night before for the things you wanted to get done for work the next day so you can dive right in.)

Work From Home Routine & Tips

Macbook Pro Beside White Cup And Saucer On Table

  •  Rise & shine! Get straight out of bed without touching your phone other than to turn that alarm off. I highly suggest waking up around 7:00 am and no later. An early morning calls for a productive day. Go straight to the bathroom and handle whatever business you got going on in there. Shower, hair, brush teeth, makeup, getting dressed, whatever you need to do to start the day fresh, clean & energized.

  • BREAKFAST! You have to eat breakfast. You’ve just got to. You cannot skip this meal and still be able to function accordingly to the rest of your day. I’ll give you an easy meal: eggs, toast & coffee (or any drink you like).

  • Time to WORK! Have you cup or bottle of water next to you, leave your phone on the other side of the room, turn off the TV, and began working. Stay consistent and don’t stop! NO DISTRACTIONS.

  • LUNCH! I highly suggest you plan your meal schedule ahead of time. When you will have lunch and dinner (since breakfast is obviously right after you get ready). If possible you should definitely meal-prep your lunches and dinners so that you can just pop them in the microwave and go on about your business.

  • Continue working & take any necessary breaks! Going to the bathroom or even making phone calls, cleaning, checking the mail, checking your phone messages or social media. Don’t get too sucked in though, there’s still work to do!

  • Dinner & wrapping it up! Have some dinner, finish up whatever you were working on and call it a day, suggestively around 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Yes you have to clock out when you work at home too.

  • Time for bed! If you’re waking up around 7:00 am or earlier, it’s wise to go to bed at 10:00 pm (and no later) every night for a full night’s rest. Do your skin care and whatever you need to do before bed then lights out!

  • Give yourself off-days! You need to obviously take a day off or two to do what you need to do outside of work, but especially for your mental health & regular health. Give yourself time to rest or make regular doctor’s appointments to take care of yourself. Your health comes first at the end of the day. These are also days that can be used to do grocery shopping or shop for essentials for your home and hang out with friends & family.

Whatever path you decided to take, I wish you nothing but luck on your journey. Kick procrastination’s sorry ass and make a living from home!