“Unicorn Blood”?! The Top 10 Craziest Lipstick Shade Names

If you’re crazy for lipstick, you most likely have came across some shade names that made you go WTF because they were so outrageous, out of the ordinary, and maybe even just morally wrong. There’s nothing more extreme than a red lipstick called “Unicorn Blood”. Every time you think you’re doing a simple poppin red lip for the day, you’re actually thinking of slathering a layer or two of some magical creature’s important body fluids on your lips. But that’s not the only crazy lipstick shade on this lineup…

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip – “Thotful”

Image result for thotful colourpop

For then you’re in a THOTful mood I guess. I’m no hater to thots though, do you babe!

NARS Lip Gloss – “Orgasm”

Image result for nars orgasm lip balm

For mature lip gloss wearers only? Imagine your grandma coming in your room and asking you what this lip gloss is called. That poor woman’s face.

Impulse Cosmetics – “Witches Brew”

Image result for impulse cosmetics witches brew

What a wicked lipstick shade, eh?

Bite Beauty – “Squid Ink”

squid ink

What a unordinary yet fitting name for a black lipstick. Didn’t go for the usual “coal” or “midnight”.

Too Faced – “Unicorn Tears”

Image result for unicorn tears lipstick

Animal liquids seem to be a really popular route to take in these lipstick naming meetings. I wonder what the unicorn was crying about?

Too Faced – “Lady Balls”

Image result for too faced lady balls

Lady WHAT?! Well whatever lady named this lipstick sure had the balls to do so.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics – “Unicorn Blood”

Image result for unicorn blood jeffree star

What did y’all do to that Unicorn, and why are we slathering it’s remaining body fluids on our lips?

Urban Decay – “Nonsense”

Image result for urban decay nonsense

I don’t understand the name of this lipstick shade! It’s not making a whole lot of sense…

Nars – “Hell Gate”

Image result for nars hell gate

The gate that you never want to end up in front of or entering. But seriously, who the hell named this lip color?

Colourpop – “Snowfleek”

Image result for colourpop snowfleek

For all of those out there who are often called a “triggered snowflake”. AT LEAST WE’RE ON FLEEK DAMNIT.

Side note: a majority of these colors ended up being red. RED LIPSTICK FOR THE WIN.