‘Huda Boss’ Review: What Business & Family Means to Huda Beauty

Image result for huda kattanThe sweet success of beauty blogging can lead to an empire. Just think of how some huge names in beauty once started with a simple blog, Instagram account or YouTube channel and ended up expanding into a global phenomenon with a billion-dollar makeup brand. Just goes to show it doesn’t matter where or how you start, it’s the drive that gets you there. You have to crave it, and Huda Kattan definitely craves it. We’ve seen Huda Beauty grow from an online beauty blogger to a billion-dollar makeup brand owner, and now we get to see the business side of it all on her Facebook Watch series ‘Huda Boss’.

Getting the bragging rights of over 26 million Instagram followers by her side and being called the top beauty blogger in the world didn’t come easy at all. Her brand Huda Beauty started off with only selling eyelashes, which were eventually worn famously by Kim Kardashian. The enormous amount of dedication for anything can lead to those kind of attributes. In Huda Boss, we got to see Huda’s outstanding and impressive work ethic towards her makeup brand Huda Beauty.

Like all companies, things are not always going to go peachy keen even when you’re constantly on top of things. Luckily when things go haywire, Huda has her loving husband Christopher Goncalo with sisters Alya and Mona Kattan who also runs the company, and her adorable daughter Nour Giselle.

huda boss

Along with her strong business ethics, improving the quality of her products even if it means pushing back a release date, and her dedication to making her brand inclusive to all women of color regarding shades, Huda shows her passion for her family life and makes it clear that her daughter Nour is her first priority. Seeing her be able to carry such a large brand in her hands will still being a parent proves what some may think is impossible, possible.

Huda Boss was a nice little peak through the window that shows that behind the glam is the business. It’s interesting to see Huda outside of her Instagram account and really seeing how she manages to make Huda Beauty so successful. Some say perfectionists are psychos in disguise because of the little details that they focus on, but that’s a load of bull you-know-what if you ask me. What is a brand or career if there’s no hard work being done behind the scenes? At the end of the day, without a strong business & work ethic, there is no glam.