Laura Lee Loses Subscribers & Business Deals After Racist Tweets Resurface

Image result for laura lee racistLike other beauty gurus who are blatantly racist, Laura Lee is bad for business. This just goes to show that hateful bigotry won’t stay hidden for long. That ugly side is bound to spring up like a turnip in the ground.

A little over a week ago, some past hateful and racist tweets of YouTuber Laura Lee about black people and Chinese people has resurfaced, and it has costed her fans, subscribers and valuable business deals. One tweet reads:

“tip for all black people if you pull up your pants you can run from the police faster… #yourwelcome”

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Like expected when someone is caught being racist, an “apology” is sure to follow. Laura Lee uploaded an apology video on her YouTube channel on August 19.

“I, six years ago, decided to retweet things that were so vile and hurtful. I was so stupid and ignorant…” – Laura Lee pleads, unable to directly look into the camera and blatantly lying about retweeting those tweets when she clearly tweeted them herself.

As outrage ensued from her unsubscribing fans, her business partners stepped in… then stepped out, making it clear that they are not interested in having someone with such bigoted ideology represent them. Revelist reported that beauty brands have wiped everything revolving around Laura Lee clean from their websites.

“Multiple brands that have collaborated with Laura Lee or sell Laura Lee Los Angeles products appear to have removed them from their sites altogether.

Those brands include ColourPop Cosmetics, Morphe, BoxyCharm, and Ulta Beauty.”

Laura Lee has reportedly lost over 240,000 subscribers and the count continues to fall.