The Only School Makeup Routine You Should Be Following

It’s that time of year. The smell of brand new school supplies, new classes, a fresh start. It’s back to school time. Now I myself have already been through that rough journey and graduated years ago, but I can’t help but feel just as nervous and terrified for the kids that are going back to school today. Yes, I’m having sympathy pains for you, because I know the stress of leaving Summer behind once again and going back to school. Trying to enjoy that last month of watching TV all day but can’t seem to shake the dozens of back to school ads that air. Feeling constantly taunted as you’re in a store and you’re walking past the school supplies section.

Now specifically for makeup wearers, the most stressful part of going back to school just has to be deciding what look to go for. Whether you should take it easy with a simple & natural look or go all in with a head-turning dramatic beat face. Though the head-turning look sounds like everything you’ve ever dreamed of, stop right there. I highly recommend the simple & natural but still as glam as ever way. While I commend any soul who has the time and patience to do a full dramatic look every morning before school, make things easier for yourself this year while still turning heads!

Like they always say, less is more. Also, think about this. While you’re skipping the dramatic face that consists of putting on extra layers of foundation, contour, a heavy eyeshadow look & over lined lips, you’re also giving yourself more time to sleep. Always think about and remember this saying: “Natural for schooling, dramatic for fooling”, as in FOOLING around having fun on the weekends.

Before you achieve this back to school makeup look, make sure you do your usual skin care routine, because you are never off the hook for that. You’ll need your normal beauty tools such as brushes & blenders… and let’s begin!

natural school makeup

1) Eyebrows – do your best. Not too dramatic. Stop when necessary! Good luck.

2) Primer – you aren’t off the hook for primer either. If you want to make sure your makeup stays on your face for the entire eight hours you’re at school, prime it!

3) Foundation – using a matte foundation will give your look a smooth finish that’s not so shiny. I recommend a stick foundation for an easier application!

Maybelline New York Fit Me! Oil-Free Stick Foundation, 115 Ivory, 0.32 Ounce

4) Eyeliner – this should be your favorite step if it’s a necessity to you as it was to me. Eyeliner in school was a must. A nice wing will do the trick!

5) Mascara – get those eyelashes nice and long to flutter your eyes at the obnoxiousness that may be around you all day. Add falsies if you dare.

6) Blush – give your face a bit of color with some blush. Blush is always great to wear. Make sure you don’t go overboard.

7) Highlighter – add some glow to that face! Blind your haters and show them who’s the HBIC.

J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter YGG104 Crystal Sand, 2.4 ounces

8) Lipstick or lip gloss – don’t wanna leave those lips bare. Use a matte lipstick or make your lips POP with some tinted lip gloss.

9) Setting spray – A MANDATORY REQUIREMENT. Imagine seeing your crush and giving them a hug, and after when you peak down at their shirt you see that you’ve left a major makeup stain. Setting spray will prevent this!!!