Soap on Eyebrows? This Bubbly, Inexpensive Beauty Technique Just Might Be Genius

Reportedly known as an “old Hollywood trick”, Soap Brows are a funky, alternative brow look to “insta brows”. They have a more thick, full and feathery style to them that can give your glam a more grunge-y look.

In the age of new beauty trends & ideas, there are some old techniques that are bound to come about. The booming trend of contouring and highlighting seemed brand new in the early 2010s due to the evergrowing use of it on the new faces of beauty. But those beauty techniques were no strangers to the world and have been used in Hollywood since the 20th century.

Image result for marilyn monroe makeupLet’s take it back to the “old Hollywood trick” part for a minute, as I see this as the most interesting part of the trend. It’s always so fascinating to know that certain trends in beauty have actually been done way before our time and is just rising from the ashes again. I imagine this is what the classic 1940s or 50s actresses used to form their brows or keep them in place besides a normal eye pencil.

In our advanced age today, we have the life saver known as brow setting gel. Thank you to the beauty scientists out there forever spoiling the new generation.

So how exactly do you achieve soap brows? The best part about this trend is that only two items are needed: a bar of soap & a spoolie. If you’re unsure what a spoolie is, it’s this thing. An inexpensive way to set your brows using a bar of soap? You might not want to knock this until you try it. Soap can be used to set your brows because of the sticky texture that soap has when it settles. This makes your eyebrow hairs stay in place all day. This technique will also give your brows a natural and fuller effect to them.

This bubbly beauty technique has been approved by superstar and beauty mogul Rihanna and her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono.

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“It’s an old make-up artist trick,” she explains, and “because everyone’s obsessed with an editorial brow” (think brushed up, thick and feathery), this really makes them stick.” – Priscilla Ono tells Harpers Baazar UK

I say if Rihanna approves of a beauty trend, it’s probably genius! But Rih isn’t the only star to give light to this technique. Beauty Guru Desi Perkins tried this trend out for her millions of subscribers.

Not to mention – the bar of soap will last awhile if you’re only using it for your eyebrows. That saves money and time instead of going out for a new pricey brow setter. Next time you’re shopping why don’t you grab an extra bar of soap exclusively for setting your eyebrows? Inexpensive brows for $3 or less is not something you want to miss out on!