Why We Love Sheet Masks (And so Should You)

Why do we love sheet masks? You can’t turn a corner in a drug store, supermarket or department store without seeing one. They come in lots of colors, shapes, scents and ingredient mixes. Why are we so fascinated with sheet masks? The reasons are quite simple!

Variety and Novelty

As humans in a busy world, we crave change and variety. There are masks for every mood and skincare issue. Sheet masks are a cheaper way to add a little variety to your skincare routine. Who doesn’t want to try a metallic sheet mask to make you look like a tin man, or a sheet mask that moisturizes and makes you look like a panda?!? Adding a sheet mask to your routine is a great way to not only add moisture, but to make a change to your routine without breaking the bank.


There are so many ingredients to choose from. There are your usual florals such as rose, lavender and calendula. There are “food” ingredients like rice, broccoli and tomato. There are also some mysterious ingredients to peak our interest and generate some definite “skintertainment”: donkey milk, snail mucin, synthetic snake venom and actual bee venom.


Everyone and their mother has a sheet mask brand. Since sheet masks burst on the market a few years ago, they have grown in popularity as they have become distributed everywhere. Now brands like Neutrogena and E.L.F. have their own branded sheet masks. Sheet masks are no longer a foreign luxury being brought back by intrepid travelers or internet shoppers that don’t mind waiting a month and a half for delivery. You can just run over to Walmart on your lunch hour and pick one up!


Seriously. Who doesn’t love a good selfie with your best friend or your pet wearing a sheet mask? Fluffy may give you a look that tells you he thinks you lost your marbles, but they love you anyway. Having a couple of sheet masks in your freezer to put on your face after spending time in the heat feels like heaven. Some people even sheet mask mid-flight to relieve some of the stress of flying and to help quench their skin from the dry air.


The most important reason of all. Our world is fast paced and doesn’t always place an emphasis on the individual person. Sometimes we don’t even remember to take off our makeup – so bad! You need to make sure you take care of yourself and make time for yourself. Everyone needs to take a step back from their lives and take a breather. Stress is not only bad for your skin and mental health, but your physical health as well. Relaxing and disconnecting needs to be a part of your daily routine. Our lives may not always include time for a massive skincare routine but a little luxury needs to be routine for us to be healthy people. Put on a sheet mask and sit back for a while. Watch a nonsense tv show. Read a chapter of a book. Rest.