Makeup Review: Juvia’s Place ‘Saharan’ Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to eyeshadow, the whole idea of wearing it has changed as time went on. Let’s say for example: our moms. My mom is always dropping these extravagant and entertaining stories of how she was a teen in the 80’s, and all I can imagine is her in bright blue eyeshadow or even an electric pink. When I started using makeup at 17, for awhile I noticed many beauty bloggers using only nude eyeshadow colors, or maybe a smokey eye every once in awhile. It was really rare or even considered “unflattering” to see bright, pigmented colors on anyone’s eyelids. Fast forward to 2017-2018, I really think that bright eyeshadow colors with impeccable pigmentation have came back with a vengeance.

Today, I think makeup junkies are looking for two major things when choosing an eyeshadow palette: pigmentation and longevity. They want the shades to really POP on their eyes and they want them to last. I see so many extraordinary looks being done with the help of some of these eyeshadow palettes the brands are bringing out, and let me tell you, they’re magnificent. Only a makeup junkie can tell you how it feels when you open brand new eyeshadow palette and swatch it to see the glory that is pigmentation. It’s almost like an addiction.

I think we all ran into some eyeshadows with awful pigmentation and no longevity throughout the day whatsoever. It’s frustrating when you’re out somewhere with friends and family, and you check your eye makeup in a mirror and it’s GONE. Thank God for the beauty brands that have shown us the light and gave us some godly eyeshadow, and today I’ll be discussing one in particular that just wowed me and won me over completely.

Juvia’s Place is a brand that stands on its own, and has to be one of the most creative brands that I have ever seen. They sell cosmetics that contain names and colors that are inspired by the motherland that is Africa. Their African-theme palettes are contain these stunning and glorious designs of African queens on the covers, which is just the perfect way to celebrate and empower the African queens who use their palettes. Out of all of the eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever purchased, this one tops the list as one of the most beautiful and well done.

After hearing the much deserved praise that Juvia’s Place receives for their eyeshadow, I decided to cop their Saharan Palette. From the moment I clicked the final order button, I was so excited to hold this eyeshadow palette in my hands, and when I finally did… well… let me just tell you that I’ve never swatched eyeshadows so fast in my life. Just as I had hoped, the pigmentation was EVERYTHING. The palette contains four matte colors and eight shimmery colors. Now that I knew the amazing pigmentation that the eyeshadows had, it was time for the wear-test. Below are four looks that I achieved using Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette!

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I was so happy to find out that the eyeshadow lasted all day, even when I was a oily mess! This eyeshadow palette is $20 and sold at Juvia’s Place website. I highly recommend this palette to anyone looking for amazing. high quality eyeshadow because this is it! Your search ends here. The pigmentation, the colors, the packaging, everything is so worth it. I am now a proud customer of Juvia’s Place and I will be trying out more of their eyeshadow palettes and other products in the future! 10/10 for Juvia’s Place Saharan Palette!

This post is not sponsored. My review opinions on this product are 100% my own and are not manipulated by any brand or company.