Skin Care Review: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Having sensitive skin is like carrying a really fragile vase while walking on a very slippery floor. While any wrong move and not enough carefulness can shatter that vase, applying a product that isn’t intended for your skin type with strong perfumes and other ingredients will cause your precious face to be a red, bumpy, and irritated mess. It’s quite ironic how some facial cleansers could end up making your skin worse because they do not properly indicated that they’re not intended for people with sensitive skin.

Like all skin problems, sensitive skin can cause you to breakout and be a real burden in your life. From dealing with my own experience and one that I know literally millions can relate on, I know that acne breakouts can be detrimental to your self esteem and confidence, causing you to be less motivated throughout the day. I know during my middle school years, it seemed like the only easy solution was to wear a paper bag over my head to hide the embarrassment that is growing on my face. I’m glad that I finally found a lightweight cleanser that works for me and could work for anyone who can’t use products that are harsh and irritant to their skin.

Listen up sensitive skin people, this product that I’m reviewing today could be the jackpot solution to your sensitive skin issues.

cetaphil daily facial cleanser

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is a lightweight face wash that doesn’t contain any overpowering scents or ingredients that could irritate your skin. It’s dermatologist recommended, award-winning & sensitive skin approved. This cleanser has received positive reviews at every store that it’s sold at.

So what’s so great about this inexpensive cleanser that you can find at any drugstore shelf? I mean, most always expecting something that is affordable to not live up to its expectations because of the cheap price, that’s why we’re always fishing for high-priced products because of the “pay more get more” scheme. There’s nothing wrong with that, because sometimes you do indeed get what you paid for. But this time it’s different, because while Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser isn’t the most affordable face wash in the store, it’s still pretty affordable and has done miracles for me. I think it’s time us beauty addicts go by our own “never judge a book by its cover”, making it “never judge a product by its price” instead.

Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser “has a low-foaming formulation that is gentle enough to use on your face everyday”. I can vouch for this description because I’m getting that same gentle reaction when I use this cleanser every morning and at night before bed. My face doesn’t feel like its been through a disastrous and uncomfortable process that some cleansers in the past have put me through: so yay!

I’m a busy girl who’s all about her makeup, so when the day is over (and I’ve already taken several selfies), skin care becomes my top priority. When it comes to using a reliable cleanser that will remove dirt, oil and makeup that invades my pores throughout the day, Cetaphil hasn’t let me down. The absolute best thing about Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser has to be the fact that it doesn’t leave my skin dry afterwards. My skin has a soft and smooth finish that I have been searching for what it seems like forever.

Overall, I give this cleanser a 10/10 and I definitely WOULD RECOMMEND! As I started using this cleanser everyday, I noticed that my blemishes have started to fade away. Every product is different for everybody, but I think I have found my golden ticket to clean and clear skin.

This post is not sponsored. My review opinions on this product are 100% my own and are not manipulated by any brand or company.