Bey Fashionable: Beyoncé’s Best Fashion Moments on Instagram

I’ve always noticed that I witness the best Instagram moments from my favorite celebs when I least expect it. Usually those moments consist of a bomb makeup look, a stylish and innovative hairdo that is bound to cause a frenzy, or a fierce outfit. The beauty of being so involved in the beauty & style community is noticing when a celebrity is just working it. The power that someone who’s famous with a large internet following has is just remarkable. Especially when it comes to fashion.

So I get home from work usually around 2:00 pm. As I’m unloading the stress of a modern american office off of my back, I take a scroll down my Instagram timeline. Oh look, Beyoncé, aka the biggest and most influential musician in the world just posted. When Beyoncé posts a photo on Instagram, it’s like an event. Partly because she doesn’t posts everyday. In fact, as of May 19th (the date when I’m writing this sentence), she hasn’t posted since April 29th. This is a good and bad thing. It’s bad because we all love Beyoncé and want her to have a more frequent social media presence of course. But I have a thought of why it may be a good thing.

So Beyoncé is known to have a more secretive life than others. As in she’s not one of those celebs who are constantly trying to stay in the public eye by causing a scene and drawing attention to themselves in some risqué way. No shade intended, just a little sip of the truth. She doesn’t have to do that after all, she’s Beyoncé. She will always be in the public eye no matter what. But my thought of why her only posting after a certain period of time is a good thing, is because she’s always coming at us with something tasteful. Like I said before, it’s an event. Besides always having her makeup game proper, Beyoncé is killing the fashion game before our very eyes, and she usually snaps a photo to stun the fans on Instagram.

Bey’s outfit’s often range from casual, dressy-casual, to WOW WHAT A WOMAN. Here we have an example of the latter. A sexy and epic golden number, worn to the 2018 Wearable Art Gala.

Or how about this gorgeous, dressy-casual look of all white? Every accessory just goes so well together, from the jacket to the shades.

And this stylish hoodie that shows a bit of that toned stomach pairs so well with that  asymmetrical skirt. HOW DOES SHE DO IT?

Or how she walked out in this dress and served what need to be served. I swear I could hear millions losing their breath all at once after viewing this photo.

This sexy bodycon dress sent us straight to the ER.

Another SEXY yet elegant ensemble.

Even with another human life growing inside of her, she kept her fashion game in CHECK.

My only goal in life is to rock all-black as well as Bey does.

This may be my ultimate fave. “Of all, really?” you’re probably asking. The ripped Vogue shirt and red pencil skirt just screams comfort yet sassy. She’s effortlessly making an epic fashion statement.

Of course there are MANY MORE legendary and fashionable Instagram moments from Beyonce. I might even make a part II. In the meantime, what are your favorites?

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