The Perfect Nail Colors to Rock This Summer

Summer time means its time to make a bright and crazy statement. Whether it’s with your outfits, hair and especially your nails. So before you make those nail appointments this Summer, consider getting a color related to the spirit of the season. When I get my nails done, I love getting colors that relate to whatever time of year it is. Browns in Autumn, white & blues in Winter, pastels in Spring, and bright & neon colors in Summer! It just feels like the perfect manicure when I do so.

Whether you’re planning to rock long, medium or short with the oval, stilettos square, almond or round shaped nails, the color is truly the star of the entire manicure. Most nail wearers end up getting a color that depicts their mood, but that’s just not the appropriate approach to take for anytime of the year, especially Summer. A bad mood means a manicure that won’t make you happy or cheerful whenever you look at it. Don’t you dare get black nails again. This Summer, get a vibrant, fun nail color that shifts your mood from nay to yay. And you’re not alone on this one: we got the colors that would be perfect for your upcoming nail appointment.


Yellow nails

Like the bright and hot sun beaming down on you as your sip your cold drinks, yellow is our number one nail color and is anticipated to be the most popular of the manicures this Summer. You can get the shade of yellow as shown in the photo above, or an even brighter Taxi-Cab neon yellow.

Hot Pink

pink nails

This bright hot pink screams barbie and girl boss. Perfect for the days when you wanna feel the most glamorous.

Neon Green

neon green nails

A color that just screams fun and epic. Best worn to those house parties or get-togethers with the friends and family.

Bright Red

bright red nails

This is commonly asked for during Valentine’s Day, but this bright, rich red is just calling your name for the 4th of July and even your much-needed vacations.


blue nails

Another 4th of July-esque color. Wave those blue claws under the firework-lit skies. Blue nails are most of the time underrated but a color that you should definitely consider rocking this Summer.


orange nails

Orange you glad this color was on the list? Another bright Summer color that you should definitely give a try if you haven’t already.

Neon Blue

neon blue nails

Another neon color and a different shade of blue. All neon colors are perfect for Summer because they’re so vibrant and exciting! This list just wouldn’t be complete without the neons.


chrome nails

Once you see how these bad boys shine when the sun hits them, then you’ll know why chrome nails was definitely not left off of this list. Chrome nails became a rising trend in 2017, but these nails were just made for Summer.