Rihanna Gives Us the Best 10-Minute Makeup Tutorial

Today is a great day to be a Rihanna fan. Flawless, fierce and carefree are three words that describes her the best. She shows those traits best in her music, beauty and personality. On the 3rd day of May, badgalriri came to slay – yet again! Her makeup brand Fenty Beauty changed the makeup game for good and became the hit beauty brand that isn’t fading from the beauty scene anytime soon.

“The success of her cosmetics line was unprecedented, reportedly racking up a staggering $100 million in sales within 40 days. The wait lists at certain makeup counters continued for months.” 

Our favorite bad gal just revealed her breathtaking June 2018 cover of Vogue, followed by a up close and personal 10-minute makeup tutorial using Fenty Beauty products, and it’s giving us Summery, laid back vibes.

“No I look fat”, she says during the first few takes. Lying is a sin, Rih. If that’s fat then I’m jabba the hutt… after being tossed in a garbage can. After watching this video I feel like I just learned the ultimate secret of how to become Rihanna-flawless. Forget every makeup tutorial video that you’ve ever watched because this one has to be the winner. But like most beauty gurus on YouTube, Rihanna likes to do her eyebrows and apply her eyelashes off-camera.

One thing that I myself can actually say that I have in common with her is that we both love to go overboard with the highlighter. Like our wise beauty Rih states in the video and I quote “I think the key to highlighter is to not be afraid of it.” One swipe and you’re done? I just can’t relate. I want to walk down the street in a hot, sunny day in July and stop traffic as the sun hits my face and reveals that GLO. Screw a bikini body, that’s my only goal this Summer.

While applying her blush, Rihanna also shares her vibe for Summer, which is “more is more”, and I have never felt so strongly about a Summer vibe the way I do with that one. Also, she reveals that she learned how to contour when she gained weight. Can Rihanna please become a part-time beauty guru on YouTube?

Out of the many things that Rihanna is winning at, it’s creating a makeup brand that is inclusive to women of all shades. During its launch, Fenty Beauty was praised for its line of foundations that included shades for women with darker skin. Something that should be a requirement for all beauty brands, but is sadly lacking.

 “As a black woman, I could not live with myself if I didn’t do that,” she says. “But what I didn’t anticipate was the way people would get emotional about finding their complexion on the shelf, that this would be a groundbreaking moment.”

I want the makeup brands sold at mass merchandising and high end stores who literally only carry like four dark shades (you know who you are) to take notes from Fenty Beauty. And I’ll be over here, taking notes from this amazing tutorial.