Hollywood Style Trends 2018: Celebrities Wearing the Fendi Pattern

“Ay yo I been on, b-tch you been con
Bentley tints on, Fendi prints on” – Nicki Minaj, Chun-Li

Tis the season… for Fendi prints! There’s a popular fashion trend going on in Hollywood that us regulars with regular bank accounts just cannot get behind. It kind of feels like being left out of a meme that’s for rich people only. Of course we can watch the luxurious styles go by from the outside, and boy are they fierce. Nicki Minaj recently dropped one of two songs titled “Chun-Li”, which I haven’t stopped listening to since. The artwork for the single displays Nicki in a very risque outfit consisting of a fur bomber jacket & a thong, both by Fendi.


Nicki also mentions the Fendi prints in her song as quoted above, but hasn’t been the only one rocking the brand. Many other stunning celebrities have emerged to show off their Fendi printed gear, which ignited a very subtle yet obvious trend.


Kylie Jenner rocks her Fendi printed dress while her baby girl Stormi gets to ride around in luxury in her Fendi stroller. Kylie was not the only Kardashian-Jenner to show off their Fendi pride, as her big sisters posed in the brand as well.



Star-studded couples such as Jhene Aiko and Big Sean, along with Keyshia Kaior and Gucci Mane stepped out in their Fendi prints.


Model Bella Hadid, singer Monica Brown & Rita Ora were also all seen out with their Fendi prints on.


Which celebrity would you like to see in Fendi next?