Beauty Guru Alissa Ashley Swatches 90 Lipsticks in One Video

Yes, you read that title right. 90 lipstick swatches. One set of lips. One video. You know you’re a hard worker and dedicated to the makeup game if you actually have the patience to swatch that many lipsticks for one video. Not to mention the stress that your lips may go through with the constant coating.

Bless Alissa Ashley, for many reasons actually, but one of her latest videos really stood out in my eyes and pardon me if you think I’m crazy, but I think it deserves all the praise. Alissa has always looked out for the beauty enthusiasts who want to achieve bomb makeup looks and flawless skin. I first discovered her when a hooded-eye rookie like myself needed help making my eye makeup look not-so-hideous, and I never looked back.

Alissa created this video in partnership with Sephora for their Cream Liquid Lip Stain collection. Brand new shades were introduced to the collection just last month in April, making the grand total of 90 lipstick shades in the collection.

Through my journey of being subscribed to Alissa, I saw her take beauty guru-ing to a whole other level. She is indeed one of the hardest working influencers on the internet, from her filming setup to her high quality videos and jaw-dropping photos. With people who I admire, whether their beauty influencers, singers or actors, it’s always interesting to learn their work ethic and become inspired by it. This video and most of her past videos proves that she’s always up for a challenge and keeping her subscribers informed and entertained. And if this wasn’t a challenge then I suddenly don’t know the meaning of one. The lipstick shades looked so smooth and pigmented from the lights to the darks, so much that I almost headed on down to Sephora myself to splurge and splurge some more. That purple-red (99) shade was calling my name.

One commenter under the video said “RIP to Alissa’s lips. We thank them for their service.” and I have been in knots ever since. Though her lips did survive that challenge, I’m gonna need whatever magic formula she’s using to keeps her lips on point, even after 90 coats of lipstick.